Samsung SL-C413W Driver

Samsung SL-C413W Driver Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP, Vista, Mac and Linux

We’re here to help you find full-featured drivers and software for you. Select the correct driver that is compatible with your operating system on the link we have provided, please download on the link we have provided. Below we will also give you instructions to install driver. The instructions below will help you install the software for Samsung SL-C413W and make the printer work properly.

Samsung SL-C413W Driver

Supports To:
Windows 10 32-bit, Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 8.1 32-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit,
Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Mac OS X 10.13, Mac OS X 10.12, Mac OS X 10.11, Mac OS X 10.10, Mac OS X 10.9, Mac OS X 10.8, Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.5, Linux

Type 1: Setup Samsung SL-C413W Driver via Free Download

Through this procedure, the Samsung SL-C413W setup is done in a way called the Automatic Wizard when you remove the CD.

But you must:

  • Get Samsung SL-C413W software files or driver setup, which you can download from the link below that we have provided.
  • USB cable is very important function to connect both printer device and computer. USB cable is supplied in the box with the printer.

After that, consider the steps below for Samsung SL-C413W setup.

  • Activate Samsung SL-C413W and your computer.
  • Once requested, you can connect the Samsung SL-C413W USB cable.
  • You can download the Samsung SL-C413W setup file, then install it whenever you want by considering step-by-step setup.
  • Done with setup, now you can pair Samsung SL-C413W USB cable with your computer. The wizard will then continue the USB cable to ensure that both devices are properly connected. Then another step-by-step setup will appear.
  • You must follow the setup instructions to complete the setup.
  • If you are ready the installation process of your Samsung SL-C413W printer is ready for use.

Type 2: Define Samsung SL-C413W via Software CD Preparation of Samsung SL-C413W with Automatic Wizard / Software CD
Make Sure You Have:

  • DVD / CD drive must be installed on your computer.
  • Check your Samsung SL-C413W printer package to find Samsung SL-C413W software CD.
  • You need a USB cable that you can find inside the printer package.

Follow the instructions below to complete the Samsung SL-C413W settings with the Software CD.

  • Make sure the device is Samsung SL-C413W, and your computer is ON.
  • Previously, prompted, connecting both devices using Samsung SL-C413W is not allowed.
  • Install the Samsung SL-C413W Software CD into your computer’s DVD / CD drive. Follow the step-by-step instructions needed for setup to complete.
  • You can connect now the Samsung SL-C413W USB cable to your computer, when you are instructed. It may take some time for the Samsung SL-C413W USB cable to be detected by your computer. Instructions for installation will appear afterward, you must perform every step to complete the installation process.
  • If the installation is complete, you can print with your Samsung SL-C413W immediately.

Installation Procedure Samsung SL-C413W Driver For Macintosh:

  • Click Download link below.
  • The software will automatically start downloading to your Macbook.
  • Using the Safari browser, downloaded files are automatically saved in the Downloads folder by default. You can check the progress of the download by looking at the download progress icon in the top right corner of your Macbook Safari browser window.
  • Double-click the Samsung SL-C413W file you just downloaded to launch the Installer Samsung SL-C413W for your product.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Samsung SL-C413W Driver Download for Windows (32-bit) – (64-bit), Macintosh and Linux Operating System.

Operating System(s): Windows 10 32bit/Windows 10 64bit, Windows 8.1 32bit/Windows 8.1 64bit, Windows 8 32bit/Windows 8 64bit, Windows 7 32bit/Windows 7 64bit, Windows XP 32bit/Windows XP 64bit, Windows Vista 32bit/Windows Vista 64bit

  • Samsung SL-C413W Windows Printer Driver Download (54.5 MB)

Operating System(s): Mac OS X 10.10, Mac OS X 10.9, Mac OS X 10.8, Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.5

  • Samsung SL-C413W Mac Printer Driver Download (9.1 MB)